September 28, 2014

Kira's Obsessed: Backpacks

Obsessed: Backpacks

I'm not sure what it is about backpacks but they have always had a special place in my heart. Sure purses and clutches and satchels are great but a backpack I will always find cuter, more interesting and far more useful. 

To express both my love and obsession for these fine carryalls I have written this post, found the most beautiful assortment of packs and am so excited to shop for the next one to add to my collection. While I will happily take any of the bags above, I'm looking for something a little sleeker, something more grown up and perhaps work appropriate. For now this lovely polyvore will serve as both dream and inspiration. 

Happy Monday!


September 26, 2014

Fashion Fridays: Fall Accessories

Fall is officially here! Time for scarves, pumpkins, Halloween, boots, sweaters, falling leaves, and everything in between! There is something about the fall air that brings a new life into things.
Ashley's favorite author F. Scott Fitzgerald once said "Life starts over when it gets crisp in the fall" and we are truly feeling that way right now.

This weekend Ashley is headed to a family wedding, Kira is spending time with her Mama and on Sunday we are super blogging, look for some fabulous new posts coming up soon!

Following Ashley's cold weather wants from last week, we put together a list of our favorite fall accessories.

Fall Accessories

1. A good cream knit scarf can keep you warm and can go with everything

2. Plaid can add a fun print to any black outfit

3. Any sort of animal print is great for fall, Ashley is loving this leopard print scarf

4. This gold leaf necklace brings a little fall with you wherever you go

5. Loving this wide-brimmed hat for any cold day!

6. Beanies are perfect for a bad hair day or too add a little something extra to any fit

7. Black boots are a must for any fall outfit, we are loving the quilted detail on these

8. These taupe booties look super comfy and stylish 

9. You can never have enough black flats, these would look great with skinny jeans and a sweater or a dress and tights.


September 24, 2014

Interweb Goodies

Another week, another set of great links from around the web! Happy Hump Day!

Who doesn't want better skin? No one.  So unless you're no one check out these skincare mistakes you may be making and how to correct them

As the weather turns colder, the boots begin to come out! Make sure you know how to care for yours, check out these boot tips to keep yours in tip-top shape

Check out the humanitarian side of fashion and accessories with this great article on Lauren Conrad's the Little Market

The office can quickly become the land of drab and dull, check out these great pieces and accessories that will help you bring some life & color back into the workplace 

Many of us spend far too much time sitting and most of that time probably with poor posture. Here's a few exercises you can easily do that can ease your back and help improve your posture!


September 21, 2014

A mini world inside a globe

Recently I took a class on how to build your own terrariums. I have always loved the look of them and think they are a great way to add some color and texture into a space. The globes are modern but with the natural colors of the succulents, I think it just looks so cool.

I took the class with my friend, Amy, and we trekked our way out to the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco. The class was taught by Bradi of Sunshine and Succulents, who teaches workshops, classes, and team-building events. If you are interested in succulents or terrariums at all please contact her - she is great!

The class covered everything, how to take care of succulents, how to create your own terrarium, and some fun facts about succulents - like how if you have a leaf from a healthy succulent that has fallen off (or cut) from a plant, a whole new succulent can grow! I had no idea, they are so fascinating.

Now onto our terrariums, we first picked out our succulents and planted them, making sure that they had enough space to grow and plant roots. Brandi was great at giving us step-by-step instructions and reasoning behind all of the steps.

We then decorated it with sand, rocks, and moss.

And voila!

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how to make your own!


September 19, 2014

Fashion Fridays: Ashley Cold Weather List

Hello there! It's Friday!!

We are both having a chill/running around weekend. We are spending tonight in with some friends catching up on our lives and doing the fun weekend duties (running errands/family fun/cleaning) during the rest of the weekend!

Well Thursday night Ashley was just up online online window shopping - you know that thing when you are on different sites and add things to your bag without ever buying them! The best/most fun way to plan out your dream wardrobe. Well after a lot of looking, Ashley narrowed down her list to the top 5 iteams for the cold weather that is headed our way! We think it is a great idea to look at your closet before each season and really think to yourself "What do I really want/need to piece together the outfits that I want to wear" Here are Ashley's picks to add to her wardrobe!

Ashley has been wanting a cape ever since Blair Waldorf wore one on Gossip Girl. This one from Nordstrom is perfectly classic. 

A pair of burgundy or oxblood pants is perfect for fall weather! A pair of flats or booties and an oversized sweater and you are good to go! 

Ashley is loving the idea of dress and skirts for fall and winter. This one is simple and can go with just about anything. A pair of tights and heals for a nice dinner or boots and a jean jacket for shopping with friends! 

These Ralph Lauren scarves just scream fall/winter. We will gladly take one in every color! They can go with anything and can easily brighten up an outfit. 

Ashley is also craving a fun simple sweatshirt! Perfect for nights in with friends or running to a movie!!

What items are on your Fall/Winter wish list? We would love to hear! 


September 17, 2014

Interweb Goodies


Really digging these photos and color inspiration, and now we both really want a disco pineapple. Perhaps this sweet treat can become reality...

I'm sure you have no problems being productive, but just in case you are lacking some inspiration or organization, check out these unique and helpful tips from some of the most productive people on the planet

As Judd Apatow fans and people who already spend copious amounts of time on Netflix, we are happy to hear the two will be joining forces soon!

Kira doesn't even watch scandal and she knows all about Olivia Pope's killer fashion. Ashley is obsessed with the show so obviously she's in the know as well. What we didn't know until recently was that you can soon dress like Ms. Pope, with The Limited upcoming Scandal Collection!


September 14, 2014

Sonoma Weekend

Perfect spot for lunch
You know how there are some weekends that are just so perfect that it's hard to go back to work on Monday... yea that perfectly describes my weekend in Sonoma.

Me and the bride-to-be
I went up to Sonoma for my cousin's bachelorette party with a few or her bridesmaids. We rented a house for the weekend on VRBO. (Seriously, such a nice house and such a great way to book vacations - I love hotels as much as the next girl but if you have a larger group a house is the way to go!) 

We spent Friday night at a fantastic Mexican restaurant in Sonoma Square, enjoying each other's company and some margaritas.

Enjoying a picnic lunch
Domaine Cornearos is a dream!

Saturday we went wine tasting in the area, enjoyed a picnic lunch overlooking the vineyards, and an uh-mazziinnngg champagne tasting at Domaine Cornearos. If you are in the Sonoma/Napa area make sure you check this place out. You will instantly feel super relaxed. 

We went out dancing and drinking Saturday night after a relaxing nap and viewing of She's All That! 

Sonoma Square is where we spent our Sunday. There are many cute shops with a mixture of antiques, local finds, and small boutiques. If you are hungry I suggest you check out the Sonoma Cheese Factory for some delicious eats! 

Lovely Ladies!